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Top 10 Most beautiful Asian Women

In every film industry, there are beauties that adorn the industry and add the missing ingredient to the industry. Asian beauties have been doing the same as this list shows. Here is the list of Most beautiful Asian women.

10 Ha Nui Lee

Lee Ha-Nui

Most glamorous Asian model, an actress, and a classical musician and also a named beauty pageant queen.

09 Marian Rivera


This half-Spanish – half-Filipino beauty, Rivera has been claimed as one of the most beautiful Asian women in 2016.

08 Liu Yifei

Liu has become a top-notch actress. Other than that, she is also a model and an internationally recognized vocalist.

07 Mehwish Hayat


Mehwish is amongst the most beautiful Asian women is this Pakistani model and an actress, Mehwish Hayat. Hayat not only can act but she can also sing and dance quite splendidly.

06 Fan Bingbing

Fan Bingbing

Fan Bingbing was hit with an unexpected jolt of fame for when she was working on her TV series, called My Fair Princess. She has also bagged a Hundred Flowers Award for her marvelous performance.

05 Dia Mirza

Mirza is amongst the most beautiful Asian women. She was a model formerly but she then became an actress and found no great luck in the field as the work she got was not more than a few.

04 Deepika Padukone


Beau to the popular Indian heartthrob, Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone is nothing less than being filled with talent to the very core. She is famous for her swoon-worthy dimples and exquisite dancing. She is without a doubt one of the most beautiful Asian girls.

03 Zhang Zilin


Zhang is another beauty in the list of top 10 most beautiful Asian women, seeing how she is a winner of Miss China 2007 and won the title of Miss World the very same year. She is an actress, singer and fashion model. She began her film career and was warmly welcomed in the realms of the acting world.

02 Katrina Kaif


Katrina’s beauty has been known throughout the world. This beauty who had trouble speaking Hindi is off to a great career. Like many other actresses, her start was a difficult one but now, things are looking up for this most beautiful Asian actress.

01 Song Hye-Kyo


If there is anything that announces you’re the queen, it’s your expressions and actions. Song has given quite the answer with her killing looks and successful career.

Most beautiful Asian women of 2016

  1. Song Hye-Kyo
  2. Katrina Kaif
  3. Zhang Zilin
  4. Deepika Padukone
  5. Dia Mirza
  6. Fan Bingbing
  7. Mehwish Hayat
  8. Liu Yifei
  9. Marian Rivera
  10. Ha Nui Lee
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