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Top 10 Most Beautiful Yemeni Women In The World

The natives of Yemen are considered as the nicest and the best people on the planet. These people are blessed with amazing looks as well as a very amicable personality. They are highly dedicated as to everything – be it their work or any other aspect. The Yemeni women are simply gorgeous and they are also considered as one of the most attractive and good-looking women in the world. They are blessed with natural beauty and a level of intellect. Their looks make them one of the most loved women in the world. Here is the list of top ten most beautiful Yemeni women.

10 Manel Filali

Manel Filali

This Yemeni beauty has been ranked as number 10 on our list. Manel was born on 11th of December in the year 1981. She is a native of Algeria. Manel Filali is an amazing singer with a bold voice and personality. Apart from it, she is also a successful model. Manel’s father is half Yemeni and half Algerian. Manel is bold and beautiful and has been considered as one of the most beautiful faces of Yemen.

09 Sharon Cohen

Sharon Cohen

Another Yemeni beautiful face, who has been ranked as number 9 on this list is Sharon Cohen. Born on February 2, in the year 1972, Sharon Cohen is the native of Tel Aviv, Israel. She is an amazing pop singer by profession and is highly successful in her career. Her parents are the natives of Yemen. Sharon Cohen because of her good looks and personality is considered as one renowned feminine of the world in the present era.

08 Inbar Bakal

Inbar Bakal

Inbar Bakar is an epitome of beauty and hotness. She is highly gorgeous, bold and beautiful. This is the reason we place Baikal on number 8 on our list of top ten most beautiful women in Yemen. She is originally a native of Israel. As far as her profession is concerned, Inbar Bakal is a songwriter, singer as well as a successful TV presenter. Apart from this, Inbar has also modeled for a number of big brands so far in her entire career.

07 Achinoam Nini

Achinoam Nini

Achinoam Nini is bold and beautiful and has been ranked at number 7 on our list. The original name of Noa is Achinoam Nini. Noa was born on the 23rd of June in the year 1969. This beauty apart from adorning a beautiful face also plays the role of a top rated singer, actress as well as a successful model. She was originally born in Israel but her parents are the native of Yemen. She is blessed with a hot figure. Noa is sleek and beautiful and is considered as a naturally gifted woman.

06 Iman Salem

Iman Salem

she has attracted a huge fan following as a result of her gorgeous look and sexy personality. This sexy siren was born on 27 July in the 1976 year. The hometown of Iman Salem is Kuwait. Professional, Iman Salem Bahamian is a very bold and powerful singer who steals the heart of million as a result of her powerful voice. Apart from being a singer, Iman is also a TV presenter. This lady is a multitasker and is often considered as a legendary dancer.

05 Balqees Ahmed

Balqees Ahmed

She is one of the most beautiful women in Yemen and has been ranked at number 5 on our list. This gorgeous lady was born on the 22nd of October, in the year 1988. She is bold and beautiful. She is originally the native of Yemen. Balqees is a very knowledgeable Yemeni singer. Because of her outstanding talent of singing and her gorgeous beauty, she has attracted a lot of fame and recognition on an international level.

04 Rana Alhaddad

Rana Alhaddad

Another beautiful face on this list of top ten good-looking women of Yemen is Rana Alhaddad who has been ranked at number 4 on this list. Apart from being a beautiful face, Rana is one of the nicest and wonderful performing beauties of Yemen. Professionally, Rana is a model as well as a singer. She has a beautiful voice as well as a bold personality. She is extremely beautiful and successful. Rana Alhaddad is a very known face on an international platform and she has attracted a massive international fan following.

03 Jenna Dewan

Jenna Dewan

Jenna Dewan is considered as the third most beautiful woman of Yemen. She is half Lebanese and half Yemeni. Jenna Dewan is a very good dancer, actress as well as a model as to her profession. She has also starred in a Hollywood movie, Step up in the year 2006 alongside Channing Tatum who also happens to be her now-husband. Jenna is blessed as to her beauty. She has got a gifted sleek figure.

02 Might Hariri

May Hariri

Might Hariri is a beautiful face and she is considered as the second most beautiful Yemeni women. She is very hot and highly attractive. Might Hariri is a Lebanese-Yemeni singer as well as a successful actress. She is gorgeous as to her looks. She is gifted with a blonde body as well as dark smokey eyes that make her look all the more beautiful and gorgeous. She is considered as a woman of substance and embraces a huge fan following. Might Hariri introduced herself to the music industry of Yemen in the year 2004 where she launched her very hit single ‘Ha Sahar Ou ou ou’. Her single became the chartbuster and she attracted a lot of attention as a result of its release. Today, she has become a legendary.

01 Nadine Njeim

Nadine Njeim

She is the most beautiful woman of Yemen and has also been titled as Miss Lebanon for the year 2007. Nadine Njeim is hot and attractive. At the same time, she is gorgeous and beautiful. Her parents are the natives of Yemen. She is considered as the most beautiful face of Yemen. Professionally, Nadine Njeim has worked as a model for a number of fashion brands and elite designers. She is an extremely beautiful and sensational and has attracted a massive fan following across the globe. Her fans drool over her mesmerizing beauty.

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