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Top 10 Most Dangerous Sharks In The World

Sharks are considered to be most deadly and dangerous water animals on this planet. There are several kinds of sharks found in the seas but there is an order of how dangerous are them. Following is the list of most dangerous sharks in the world. Have a look.

10 Hammerhead Shark

Hammerhead Shark


Actually, Hammerhead shark is a Sphyrnidae shark’s family that range in mass from below 3ft (meter) to more than 20ft (6 meters). It is said that oddly shaped head permits shark a better vision of all around. To the majority spectators, the diverse species are hard to tell separately, particularly when you are under attack. It does appear possible that huge Sphyrna mojarra (hammerhead shark) is the almost certainly the candidates. Having an enormous 20ft (6+ meters), weighing equal to 1,300 lb (600kg). This shark is at 10th place in this most dangerous sharks list.

09 Black-tip Shark

Blacktip shark


The blacktip shark is together frequent and widely scattered all through the subtropical/tropical shallows of the world. It acquires its name as of fringes and black tips to its tail and fins. Normally black-tips are quite small assessing below 1.6m (5ft), though larger specimens can go up to 2.8m (9ft) and weigh up more than 220lb (100kg. This shark is at 9th place in this most dangerous sharks list.

08 Sand Tiger Shark

Sand Tiger Shark


Several people are well-known with a sand tiger as the huge sharks you observe when stopover aquarium. They have several names comprising ragged-tooth shark, blue-nurse sand tiger, and gray nurse shark and are discovered in temperate waters of the planet. Sand tiger shark develops to approximately 11ft (3.2 meters) in length and is able to weigh equal to 350 lbs (160kg). This shark is at 8th place in this most dangerous sharks list.

07 Blue shark

Blue shark


One more part of the requiem family of shark is Blue Shark the which is among the most and common widespread sharks. Blue Shark can be discovered in Norway and Chile, up till now is a species of deep water it hardly ever come into direct contact with people. This sleek shark is able to explode of speed that it utilizes for pursuing down its victim of fish and squid. The biggest specimens noted are more than 3.8m (12 ft), other than there are unverified reports of equal to 21 feet. This shark is at 7th place in this most dangerous sharks list.

06 Bronze Whaler Shark

Bronze Whaler Shark


Copper shark or Bronze whaler acquires its title from its coloring and the reality that this with further sharks would assemble at whale kills sites in whaling days. It is general in the war, except tropical waters all around the globe where in shallow harbors, estuary mouths and bays it spends time. Bronze whaler is a huge shark attaining more than 3m (10ft) in length with weighing approximately 300kg (675 lbs). This shark is at 6th place in this most dangerous sharks list.

05 Shortfin Mako

Shortfin Mako


A blue pointer or Short-fin mako is a part of mackerel family of shark. This family has such memorable members like pre historic megalodon and great white shark. Mako can develop to a reasonable size. Adults generally measure about 3m (10ft) other than the largest mako shark is measured approximately 4.5m (15ft) and weigh up in at almost a ton. This shark is at 5th place in this most dangerous sharks list.

04 Oceanic Whitetip

Oceanic Whitetip


The Oceanic whitetip is a shark on this specific list which can be genuinely classified as “man-eater”. It has presumably taken more lives of people as compared to all further sharks put collectively. The cause of it’s not on being top of this list due to the greater part of its attacks were entirely opportunistic and consequence of sea and air tragedy. There were quite a lot of occurrences of ships sinking during WWII and it is assumed these sharks were accountable for uncountable deaths, by means of the main attacker being white-tip. This shark is at 4th place in this most dangerous sharks list.

03 Tiger Shark

Tiger Shark


Tiger shark is common, aggressive and big. Its name is tiger shark due to its nature and stripes on its sides. It is in addition recognized as “garbage can of sea” as it normally swallows everything it stumbles upon like tires, bottles, clothes, pigs, cats and also a whole head of a horse. Tigers are 4th largest of all sharks by means of huge specimens going well more than 5m (16ft) and weigh up more than a ton. This shark is at 3rd place in this most dangerous sharks list.

02 Bull Shark

Bull Shark


The bull shark is believed to be mainly dangerous shark among all. Though, it does not appear to have got hold of somewhat reputation of tiger sharks and great white. There are quite a few motives why Bull shark is believed predominantly dangerous comprising its physical qualities. The bull shark is a strong shark, measuring equal to 3.5m (11.5 feet) in length plus up to 318 kg (700lbs) in mass. This shark is at 2nd place in this most dangerous sharks list.

01 Great White Shark

Great White Shark

AttacksOver 400

The only name of Great White Shark is sufficient to drive people away from the beach. Previously infamous 1970s “Jaws” movies further demonized this shark and combined its repute as man eaters. Although without a doubt Carcharodon carcharias is among vital killing machines of the planet. These specimens are approximately 22ft (6.5 meters) in length. On the other hand, quite a few reports of these sharks as large as 26ft (8 meters) and weighing almost 3.6 tons were published. This shark is at 1st place in this most dangerous sharks list.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Sharks In The World

  1. Great White Shark
  2. Bull Shark
  3. Tiger Shark
  4. Oceanic Whitetip
  5. Shortfin Mako
  6. Bronze Whaler Shark
  7. Blue shark
  8. Sand Tiger Shark
  9. Black-tip Shark
  10. Hammerhead Shark
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