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Top 10 Most Expensive Phones in the World

Phones have made such a great impact on our lives that we cannot imagine our life without it. This has made a list of the most expensive phones possible and the world’s most expensive cell phones are:

10 Vertu Signature Diamond

Vertu Signature Diamond

Vertu is hand-made from platinum with fancy diamonds surrounding it. Only 200 sets were produced and they each cost $ 88,000.

09 iPhone Princess Plus

iPhone Princess Plus

This phone has a 138 princess-cut and 180 brilliant-cut diamonds of the top quality, embellishing this one of the most expensive phones. Its price is $ 176.400.

08 BlackDiamond VIPN Smartphone

BlackDiamond VIPN Smartphone

Now this phone is decorated using 2 diamonds: one is used on the navigation buttons and the other on the backside. The price of this phone is $300,000.

07 Vertu Signature Cobra

Vertu Signature Cobra

Designed by a French jeweler, this phone introduces one pear-cut diamond and 439 rubies, among other things.

06 Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot

Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot

Made from gold and the back panel made up of decades-old African backwoods, which is the most expensive one there is. The keys are made of sapphire and the phone costs about a $1 million.

05 Diamond Crypto Smartphone

Diamond Crypto Smartphone

Costing a crisp $1.3 million, this phone in the most expensive phone list features a cover bejeweled with 50 diamonds.

04 GoldVish Le Million

GoldVish Le Million

Often mentioned as the most expensive phone at $1.3 million, this designer phone is blended with 18k white gold and 20 karats of diamonds.

03 iPhone 3G King’s Button

iPhone 3G King’s Button

One thirty-eight diamonds are fitted on this phone makes it worth a $2.4 million. The stunning white diamond is placed where the home screen button usually is.

02 Supreme Goldstriker iPhone 3G 32GB

Supreme Goldstriker iPhone 3G 32GB

The Supreme iPhone pricing at $3,200,000, featuring a casing made from 22k gold and a screen with 1-carat diamonds lined on the edges. The home button is replaced with one rare type of diamond.

01 Diamond Rose iPhone 4 32GB

Diamond Rose iPhone 4 32GB

The most expensive phone to date is this one, designed by Stuart Hughes, with a bill of about $8 million. Five hundred impeccable diamonds that are over 100ct. are used in this phone.

Top 10 Most Expensive Phones in the World 2017

  1. Diamond Rose iPhone 4 32GB
  2. Supreme Goldstriker iPhone 3G 32GB
  3. iPhone 3G King’s Button
  4. GoldVish Le Million
  5. Diamond Crypto Smartphone
  6. Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot
  7. Vertu Signature Cobra
  8. BlackDiamond VIPN Smartphone
  9. iPhone Princess Plus
  10. Vertu Signature Diamond
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