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Top 10 Most Expensive Restaurants In The World

When we talk about restaurants, the majority of ours decisions are derived from quite a few factors: style and quality of food, location, and certainly, the prices of the menu. Following is the list of most expensive restaurants in the world.

10 Misoguigawa, Kyoto ($170/Person)Misoguigawa, Kyoto


This is the least costly restaurant off the list, other than still extremely expensive by American’s average standards; Misoguigawa presents 2 cuisine styles, Japanese Kaiseki and French. The outcome is, in fact, innovative and enlivening experience for cuisine lovers and rave appraisals across several sites of food blogging. This restaurant is at 10th place in this most expensive restaurants list.

09 Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, London ($180/Person)

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, London

Compared to the 1st restaurant on this list, a feast at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay appears to be a good deal. But certainly, when you count in the tip, wine, and extra trappings, you still seem around $500 bill for one meal of two. Among the lots of restaurants of Gordon Ramsay, an infamous chef, this restaurant is his marked location. Your 3-course feast will comprise French cuisine, comprising sea scallops pan-fried, roasted veal with sautéed foie gras plus Cotswold lamb. This restaurant is at 9th place in this most expensive restaurants list.

08 Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives ($330/Person)

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives

For an experience of dining, this restaurant is the feast for eyes, plus the palette, you might try Ithaa inside Maldives. Dining 10 feet beneath Indian Ocean surface, enclosed by coral and sea life, this tiny location accommodates only 14 guests intended for cocktails, lunch or dinner. Wait for truffle dumplings and mascarpone, lobster Carpaccio with duck agnolotti. This restaurant is at 8th place in this most expensive restaurants list.

07 Alain Ducasse at Dorchester, London ($350/Person)

Alain Ducasse at Dorchester, London

Again back to London with more contemporary French cuisine, except this is of double price as compared to Ramsay’s place meal. Situated in London’s well-known hotel named “Dorchester”, Alain Ducasse is 3 Michelin star serving up superb food to wealthy guests. This restaurant is at 7th place in this most expensive restaurants list.

06 Aragawa, Japan ($375/Person)

Aragawa, Japan

If you love the best steak then Aragawa is a place where you need to go, certainly, you need to be inside Tokyo’s Shinbashi district. You would possibly think that only price would create it comparatively simple to obtain a table, except think once more. It can acquire months or may be longer, to make reservations. This restaurant is at 6th place in this most expensive restaurants list.

05 Restaurant Crissier, Switzerland ($380/Person)

Restaurant Crissier, Switzerland

The excellent dining enterprise of Benôit Violier, the late chef plus his spouse Brigitte, Crissier is extremely excellent rated by everyone who dines there. Situated in a stunning setting and employee by a group that makes everybody feel like royals, Crissier presents an extensive dishes array to ensemble several palates. This restaurant is at 5th place in this most expensive restaurants list.

04 Maison Pic, France ($445/Person)

Maison Pic, France

Following the path of her well-known chef grandfather and father, Anne-Sophie Pic is carrying on the custom of multi-course, high-class dining in the middle of France, Drôme. Like you can anticipate from a 3-star restaurant, the set of choices is lip smacking. From candied turnips and squab to cheese Berlingots of Banon goat, and luscious desserts of chocolate, it is an experience you will never fail to remember. This restaurant is at 4th place in this most expensive restaurants list.

03 Plaza Athénéé, Paris ($555/Person)

Plaza Athénéé, Paris

One more restaurant of Alain Ducasse, the honored chef, Plaza Athénéé is situated in Paris; except you will not adore the price. Seated beneath chandeliers consists of 10,000 sparkling crystals, the room of dining is an art work. The menu comprises of extraordinary ingredients and 1 steamed langoustines plate of caviar prices more than $265 alone. This restaurant is at 3rd place in this most expensive restaurants list.

02 Masa, New York City ($650/Person)

Masa, New York City

Masa is often believed overpriced plus merely a modish hang out for A-Listers of Hollywood and big slick businessmen. It is a Japanese restaurant of sushi started in 2004 by Masa Takayama a well-known chef. Look forward to giving $46 for one ice cream scoop, maki rolls for $245 Furthermore $65 intended for grilled scampi. This restaurant is at 2nd place in this most expensive restaurants list.

01 SubliMotion, Spain ($2,175/Person)

SubliMotion, Spain

SubliMotion is topping this list, a restaurant situated in Ibiza within Hard Rock Hotel. At more than 2 thousand dollars for each person, for merely a small number of hours of feasting, you discern this is a practice just the extremely rich can manage to pay for. If you by hook or by crook desire to just your reserves on such experience then you can anticipate 15–20-course feast derived from molecular gastronomy art. This restaurant is at 1st place in this most expensive restaurants list.

Top 10 Most Expensive Restaurants In The World

  1. SubliMotion, Spain
  2. Masa, New York City
  3. Plaza Athénéé, Paris
  4. Maison Pic, France
  5. Restaurant Crissier, Switzerland
  6. Aragawa, Japan
  7. Alain Ducasse at Dorchester, London
  8. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives
  9. Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, London
  10. Misoguigawa, Kyoto
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