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Top 10 Most Expensive Vodkas In The World

Vodka has at all times been connected with fine taste, high-end style, and elegance. It is not a surprise that lots of wealthy, including politicians, celebrities, and business titans, prefer vodka as a drink. Following is the list of most expensive vodkas in the world. Take a look.

10 Swarovski Studded Alize ($2100)Swarovski Studded Alize

How really do you show that you love vodka? Hmm, cover bottle by way of Swarovski certainly. Launched in 2007, vodka studded with Swarovski was formed in Valentine’s Day honor and endorsed as the most excellent gift for your loved ones who love drinking vodka. The bottle holds Rose Alize, a combination of rose, lychee, Cognac, strawberry, French Vodka and passion fruit. Who would not be content to accept this magnificent vodka offered in a Swarovski-decorated bottle? This vodka is at 10th place in this most expensive vodkas list.

09 Imperial Collection Super Premium Vodka ($2,500)

What builds this vodka expensive and unique is its process of delivery. The cap and carafe of the bottle are covered with gold with an eagle that is after that sitting on the peak of the gilded egg of Fabergé.  The egg is hand-created, adding up to its immense price tag.

Grasping bottle in hands provides you the nice and warm sentiment of realness’. This vodka is at 9th place in this most expensive vodkas list.

08 Himalayan Edition: Stoli Elit ($3,100)

Why does this bottle cost an astounding sum of $3,100? It is because it encloses pure Himalayan Mountains’ water from underground lakes that are after that mixed completely by winter wheat of Russia. The bottle is prepared of hand-wafted glass and the reality that every bottle of this graceful vodka go together with ice pick which is plated with gold. This vodka is at 8th place in this most expensive vodkas list.

07 Iordanov Vodka ($4,453)

As a method of celebrating and saluting elegant and long history of alcohol, Iordanov determined to form this high-end and sophisticated vodka bottles line. The liquor content of the bottle is created utilizing Wasser Water that is gathered from Northern Europe’s remote region. The 14,000 crystals of Swarovski that embellish the bottle provide both lavish and visual feast. This vodka is at 7th place in this most expensive vodkas list.

06 OVAL Vodka ($6,930)

One more Vodka by way of Swarovski bling is Oval Vodka, which contains an extreme $6,930 price. Oval Vodka, a well-known brand of the world, is exclusive manufacturer and designer of this container. A unique and launched as exclusive and limited edition, it brings to mind an elegance sense plus deluxe taste. More than 7,000 Swarovski decorates this specific bottle. This vodka is at 6th place in this most expensive vodkas list.

05 Belver Bears ($7,280)Belver Bears

Released as a limited edition, Belver Bears was launched in France during Cannes festival and is believed among most costly vodka collections recognized. Jean-Roch intended its bottle, and drink was initially served to some VIPs only. This vodka is at 5th place in this most expensive vodkas list.

04 Russo-Baltique Vodka-old ($740,100)Russo-Baltique Vodka-old

Russo-Baltique Vodka possesses a liquor blend and design that will enthrall anybody who contains a taste of better-quality things. This vodka is at 4th place in this most expensive vodkas list.

03 DIVA Premium Vodka ($1 Million)DIVA Premium Vodka

Endorsed as the most stunning vodka of the world, it is created utilizing a very particular distilling process, where alcohol is being refined 3 times and completed with the assistance of some expensive stones.

This brand is promoted for truly well-known people, who don’t have troubles using million dollars intended for a meeting. The center of the bottle is prepared of valuable stone. The liquor substance is prepared by means of water of natural spring and filtered by means of ice and sand of crushed diamond too like birch charcoal. This vodka is at 3rd place in this most expensive vodkas list.

02 Russo-Baltique Vodka-new ($1.36 m)Russo-Baltique Vodka-new

Russo-Baltique is again on this list but as the new one. This vodka of $ 1.36 mil is a thing that you must see for once in your life span. Formed by peak manufacturer of car Russo-Baltique vodka product of Dartz, this is created to remind the elegant and classic Russo-Balt automobiles design. The cap of the bottle is formed with gold and diamonds creating the Imperial Eagle copy of Russia. This vodka is at 2nd place in this most expensive vodkas list.

01 Billionaire Vodka ($3.8 million)Billionaire Vodka

Only created for richest and the majority high-end customers, cost of Billionaire Vodka is $3.8 mil/bottle. Recognized as most costly vodka of the world, Leon Verres designed the bottle. He is a well-known lavishness designer around the globe.

Every bottle has equal to 5 liters of remarkable vodka that is perfected utilizing an unidentified Russian formula. Though, the mainly interesting constituent of it is distilled liquid of vodka which is poured upon valuable diamonds which themselves price several mil dollars. The bottle is moreover studded by means of over 3,000 diamonds and Swarovski crystals which craft the “I” in word “Billionaire”. This vodka is at 1st place in this most expensive vodkas list.

Top 10 Most Expensive Vodkas In The World

  1. Billionaire Vodka
  2. Russo-Baltique Vodka-new
  3. DIVA Premium Vodka
  4. Russo-Baltique Vodka-old
  5. Belver Bears
  6. OVAL Vodka
  7. Iordanov Vodka
  8. Himalayan Edition: Stoli Elit
  9. Imperial Collection Super Premium Vodka
  10. Swarovski Studded Alize
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