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Top 10 Most Expensive Wood in the World

Wood is the rubbery and permeable structural substance. It is taken by the roots and stems of dissimilar trees, in addition, to also further plants which are woody. The world has finest types of the wood present, and it is needless to say that they are expensive wood. To know about which ones come into the top 10 most expensive wood, read on.

10 African Blackwood

African Blackwood

One type of most expensive wood includes African Blackwood. It is native to the seasonally dry regions of the Africa. It is an extraordinary type of wood utilized for several instruments of music. It is generally an uncommon class of wood plus is getting endangered of getting wiped out. Whilst their eminence is conclusive, their quality is breathtakingly stunning.

09 Sandalwood


This type of wood is heavy, yellow, and fine-grained and they also have the unique trait of giving off an aroma that can stay for decades. However, most types of wood other than aromatic woods don’t retain their fragrance.

08 Agarwood


It is known as dark, resinous heartwood. One reason why it is one of the most expensive wood is that its resource is being depleted. It is also known as good, and the Arabs use it for lumber. Existing from 3000 years, untainted oil is extracted from it. It contains a unique scent plus is steadily getting wiped out. Its order is rising gradually because it is extremely valuable.

07 Ebony


Ebony wood is a dense type of black wood. It has a very fine texture and is very smoothly finished when polished. Ebony is in addition named as Black Timber plus contains a high mass by means of extra smoothness. Harpsichord keys, Guitar picks, fingerboards of cello all contain ebony. It is pest resistant plus is a magnificence wood by way of great strength.

06 Pink Ivory

Pink Ivory

It is a very rare type of African wood. This Pink Ivory grows abundantly in countries like the Zimbabwe, the Mozambique, and the South Africa. The wood is also extremely hard. Usually observed in cues of billiard plus handles of knifes, it is moreover utilized for medicinal reasons. Polishing it enhances its shine. In reality, it is as exceptional as diamonds.

05 Lignum Vitae

Lignum Vitae

Lignum Vitae trees have been overly exploited for getting valuable wood and medicinal products that can help cure people. It is however not a cheap wood to get but is rather a most expensive wood.This is beautiful wood that ranges from a range of dark browns to olive greens. Generally, the quality is excellent by means of an oily sense plus is strong not just for outdoor apply but in addition to hazards such as insect attack. This is one of the hardest woods in the world.

04 Purple Heart

Purple Heart

Purple Heart is native to the tropical areas of the Central and South America, where they occur abundantly in the rain forests. The name of this tree is because when it is cut, it changes color from dark brown to purple. It approaches in a range of widths plus offers you with sufficient wood to create flawlessly good furnishings.

03 Dalbergia


Dalbergia belongs to species Albertina. Albertina is recognized as grand genus varying from tiny to average-sized trees, plus also pea and shrubs family, specifically, Barefaced. This species has a broad distribution which is native to tropical regions of Central plus South America, moreover Africa, Madagascar, and Asia’s south.  It is ranked third as the most expensive wood.

02 Bubinga


Bubinga is the flower-bearing plant genus in the Guibourtia group. It grows in swampy areas other than Moreover once in a while, in fair forests that are flooded. It came about near lake or rivers banks as well. From similar genus, Guibourtia, one more magnificent luxury wood can be acquired, called Bangkok. It is a type of luxurious wood that is second most expensive wood.

01 Bocote

Bocote is most expensive wood plus is the member of Cordia family. Cordia is kind of plant that is flowering in a family of borage. It consists of almost 300 classes of shrubs and trees. These trees and shrubs are in addition found all over the planet, but frequently, in hotter areas.

Most Expensive Wood in the World 2017

  1. Bocote
  2. Bubinga
  3. Dalbergia
  4. Purple Heart
  5. Lignum Vitae
  6. Pink Ivory
  7. Ebony
  8. Agarwood
  9. Sandalwood
  10. African Blackwood
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