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Top 10 Most Poorest Countries In The World

In our state of selfishness, we forget that people are looking for help, and they lack what we have; that they are unfortunate enough to make world’s poorest country. Here is a list of the poorest countries list.

10 Guinea


Guinea is located in West Africa and uses a land of 245,836 km2. 10.5 million people populate it. It is in 10th place in this list. The GDP of this poorest country in the world is $523.10.

09 Ethiopia


Ethiopia covers a land of 1041,300 km2 and has a population of 90,012. It is the 9th poorest country in the world, with a $ 505.00’s GDP.

08 The Gambia

The Gambia

The Gambia can be spotted in West Africa. Its GDP is $488.60. This poorest country in this world owns 689 km2 of land and a population of 1,450,882.

07 Congo, Dem. Representative

Most Poorest Countries

It is located in the Central Africa. This country region is 2,345,409 km2 and has a population of 680, 81,000.

06 Antananarivo


Its capital, Madagascar, is an island contained by the Indian Ocean. It spreads for more than 587,041 km2 of area. It reaches the 6th position as a world’s poorest country, with a GDP of $463.00.

05 Liberia


Liberia owns a section of 369-km2 land and from last year, its inhabitants were 4,873,396. Liberia has a GDP of $ 454.30.

04 Niger


Niger is a part of West Africa. The population, according to 2012’s consensus was 17, 707,138. Niger is the poorest country in the world and has a GDP of $415.40.

03 The Central African Republic

The Central African Republic

It is a part of Central Africa and covers the 620,000-km2 land. The headcount by 2014 of Central African Republic was 4 000,709. The GDP of the poorest country in the world is $333.20.

02 Burundi


East Africa’s African Great Lakes area is where Burundi resides. This country spreads for far more than 27,834 km2 area of land. The number of people living in Burundi was about 10,395. The GDP of the world’s poorest country is $267.10.

01 Malawi


The poorest country will, unfortunately, be Malawi, is a South African nation that is spread over more than 118,000 km2 area of land. The population of Malawi is about 16,777. Malawi is probably the under-developed countries, and that is why it is the poorest country in the world.

Top 10 Most Poorest Countries In The World 2017

  1. Malawi
  2. Burundi
  3. The Central African Republic
  4. Niger
  5. Liberia
  6. Antananarivo
  7. Congo, Dem. Representative
  8. The Gambia
  9. Ethiopia
  10. Guinea
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