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Top 10 most powerful militaries in the world

The Military forces or armed forces are authorized to use deadly strength and weapons to support the interest of the state and some of its citizens. It provides defense and prosecution of the war against another country.

The sanctioned and non-sanctioned functions of military create promotion of political agenda and protects cooperate economic interest, internal population control, construction, emergency services social ceremonies, and guarding critical areas.

The function of discrete sub-culture in a large civil society is the development of separate infrastructure, schools, housing, food protection, utilities, and baking. Here is a list of 10 worlds most powerful militaries that are playing a critical role in world’s current situation.

10 Italy

Italy, one of the most beautiful country ranked tenth, and it is one of the best militaries in the world. Almost half of Italy’s is considered active as available human resources and 22, 600,000 of them are fit for service. The total armored fighting vehicles of Italy are 6,972 which is a good figure for any powerful military.

09 Germany


Germany ranked ninth World famous powerful militaries. The total population of Germany is 80,854, 408. 37,000,000 is available manpower where 29,540,000 are fit for service. It is planning to boost the size of its armed forces. It owns a total number of 5, 869 total armored fighting vehicles.

08 Turkey


Turkish Land Force is famous for its modern equipment. It ranked the eighth number of World famous, powerful militaries with a total 41, 640,000 available human resources. The entire population of Turkey is 79,414, 269 where 35,010,000 are fit for service. Turkey has a total number of 7,550 armored fighting vehicles which is an excellent number for any developed Asian country.

07 Japan (Asia)

Japan Military

Japan is the second Asian countries among 1st ten World most powerful militaries. It ranked seventh number with 54,000,000 available human resources. It has a very small difference in the army that is fit for service. Total 44, 000,000 army members of Japan military is fit for service. However, it owns only 2,850 total armored fighting vehicles which are less than another world largest militaries in the world.

06 United Kingdom

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom which recently voted to leave the European Union is sixth best military in the world. The United Kingdom has an equal number of manpower as it is in France. 24, 040,000 soldiers of UK military are fit for service. It owns 5, 948 armored fighting vehicles. 750,000 people in the UK annually reach to a military age.

05 France


France Armed Force is one of the most famous armed force, and this is the reason that France militarily is the fifth number of largest military in the world. The French army is playing a pivotal role in combating IS. France military owns 6,863 of total armored fighting vehicles and 30,000,000 available human resources.

04 India

India Military

India, the second most populated country ranked fourth in World most powerful militaries. Indian military force has a history of dispute with neighboring countries which have reduced in recent years. The available human resources of India is 616,000,000 while 489,600,000 are fit for service. There are total 6,704 armored fighting vehicles that are used for defense.

03 China


The latest news tells that China’s military is ready to confront Washington if it intervenes in S. China Sea dispute. The military of China is ranked third World largest military in the world. China is first most populated country f the World where 1, 367, 485, 388 of its population is available human resources and 619,000,000 of them are fit for service. The active force of 19,550,000 people annually reaches to a military age. The defensive budget of China is $ 155, 600,000,000 which shows the economic strength of this country. It is one of best military in the world.

02 Russia


Russia ranked second World most powerful Militaries. The total population of Russia is 142, 423, 773 while 70,000,000 of them are available human resources. There are 31, 298 Armored fighting vehicles and 5,972 Self-propelled guns. The number of self-propelled guns is higher than America as America has only 1, 934. Recent activities of Russian force show that it is accumulating military force in Eastern Europe. It is closer to a cold-war style agreement with NATO in the Baltic States.

01 The United States of America

The military force of United States of America ranked 1st by the Global Firepower (GFP). The military strength of America is outstanding among all another world most powerful militaries. The war-making capability of United States of America is visible on its history and current rule on Afghanistan’s land and air. It is largest military in the world with 145, 215,000 available manpower and 41, 062 Armed fighting vehicles. There are total 13,444 Aircrafts and total115 Naval strength.

The most powerful militaries in the world

  1. The United States of America
  2. Russia
  3. China
  4. India
  5. France
  6. United Kingdom
  7. Japan
  8. Turkey
  9. Germany
  10.  Italy
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