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Things Affluent People Have In Their Homes

Things Affluent People Have In Their Homes

Have you ever wonder what wealthy people have in their homes? Do you want to know what some of the things they want to obtain for their home? Read on because you’re about to find out.

Indicators of affluent households include walk-in wardrobes, wine fridges, and children’s play rooms. Also on the list of things that indicate net-worth include vinyl collections and range cookers, which more and more people are using throughout the UK. This is according to a study that home insurer LV= conducted. The company found that throughout the last 20 years there has an increase in mass affluent homes, thanks to the doubling of income, but many owners don’t consider their possessions’ worth when it comes to purchasing insurance.

The insurer questioned 1,000 households who were generating incomes of over £57,000. The survey found that over 37 percent of households had a home office, and about 13 percent had a playroom for their kids. About 10 percent of the households owned a range cooker, while 13 percent of the households enjoyed the services of a music delivery system. The survey also found out that 11 percent of the homes had a walk-in wardrobe.

There are various features or items that may indicate you are a mass affluent household. The items on the list include a home office, Luxe water walls indoor fountains, vinyl collection and limited edition art. Other items and features include a music delivery system, children’s playroom, ice storage heating and cooling systems and under the floor heating. Range cookers, wine fridges, walk-in wardrobes, high-end wallpaper or paint, as well as nutrient extractors were also on the list.

The study pointed out the items that homeowners are most impressed by or want to own. These items include a game room and a grand piano. The other items included a range cooker, walk-in wardrobe and under the floor heating. Many affluent homeowners already own such items and they are impressed by them, but if they don’t own those items, they tend to want to obtain them.

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