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Top 10 Most Beautiful Spanish Women In The World

Spain is a country of various pleasantries. First, the major tourist attraction of Spain is its rich heritage. Spain is also among the best holiday and tourist destinations well known for its rich history, loving populace and fauna.

It also is a land of several gorgeous women. Many of them belong to the entertainment business while some are associated with the fashion industry. We present you a detailed review of the top 10 most beautiful women of Spain in 2017.

10 Claudia Moro Fernandez

Claudia is a beauty pageant belonging to Santiago de Compostela in Galicia. She is an outstanding fashion model and Spanish celebrity. She flaunts a well-toned body and high self-esteem among several other amazing features. She has participated in various international and local pageants successfully. For instance, Claudia participated in and won the Miss Madrid Beauty pageant in 2007 which is an extremely competitive pageant arranged in Madrid, Spain. In 2008, she proceeded to the Miss Spain competition where she was the Spanish representative.

However, she was the 1st runner-up but Claudia qualified for the Miss Universe Beauty pageant 2008 where she was 7th overall. Her beauty has since improved. She is immensely hot and beautiful women.

09 Triana Iglesias

Triana Iglesias comes to the 9th spot in our list of the most beautiful women in Spain. Apart from her sex appeal, charisma, and curvy body, this 32-year old is among the most establishes supermodels having Spanish decent. Due to her confidence and stellar looks, she has featured on Spanish, Mexican, American and Polish Playboy cover.

In several countries, she has also been a Playboy Playmate and has featured on several men’s magazine covers (Slitz, CKM, Men for instance). Triana also dances well and is currently working as a presenter and reporter.

08 Sonia Ferrer Gonzalez

Sonia is an actress, TV presenter, and a model. She belongs to Barcelona, Spain. She has been a part of several TV shows such as “Cosmopolitan Cafe” and “Happy House”. In 2006, she has also been a presenter of the Euro vision song competition. Sonia is a talented and outstanding Spanish woman. She played a role in the movie “Lysistrata” in 2002. The political show “Con Voz y voto” on Telemadrid was co-hosted by Sonia along with Melchor Miralles in 2011. She has married her partner Marco Vricella in 2007.

07 Paz Vega

Maria Paz Campos Trigo also was known as Paz Vega is a Spanish actress and fashion model belonging to Seville, Andalusia. She took her stage name from her grandmother. She started her career with a TV series “Menudo de Mi Padre”. She gained popularity after her amazing performance in the sitcom “7 Vidas”. She has also played a role in American TV show “Friends”. She is an amazing Spanish and Hollywood diva. In 1999, she went to the silver screen with ‘Zapping’ after appearing in two other TV series in 1997 – teen drama ‘Companeros’ and ‘Mas que amigos’.

06 Maria Eugenia Silva Hernandez Mancha

This 38-year old supermodel belongs to Madrid, Spain. She not only looks young but also has an alluring sex appeal and several complementing features that have made her successful in the modeling industry. Because of her beauty and coordination, she has been offered as an image model for Garnier, Oscar de la Rata and L’Oreal group’s magnum. Apart from her global achievement and immense beauty she has a law degree from the Complutense University of Madrid and likes global charity work.

05 Amaia Salamanca Urizar

Amaia Salamanca Urizar is a 28-year old Spanish actress who belongs to Ispanija, Madrid. Apart from her well-toned body, long combed-down hair and brown feisty eyes that have gained her the 5th spot in our list, the worldwide audiences love her due to her excellent acting skills. Her lead roles in movies such as Sin Miedo a Sonar (SMS), Sin Tetas No Hay Paraiso and Catalina Marcos earned her worldwide recognition and a place among the elites in the niche.

04 Elsa Pataky

Elsa Pataky

The full name of Elsa Pataky is Elsa Lafuente Medianu. She is more than just an amazing Spanish woman. Elsa is a producer, model, and successful actress. Elsa was born in Madrid, Spain. She completed her graduation and began her modeling career. She has also been a part of the TV series “Al Salir de Clase” in 1997.

03 Judit Masc

Judit Masco is a writer, TV presenter, and a model. She belongs to Barcelona. Judit is an impressive and beautiful Spanish lady. She appeared in the TV commercial at the tender age of 13. She was 21-years old when she modeled for the sports illustrated magazine in the swimsuit edition. She has worked with big names such as Mango, Escada, Max Mara, Palmers Lingerie and Armand Bassi.

02 Ines Sastre

Ines Sastre

Ines Sastre is an actress and model belonging to Valladoid. She has appeared in a TV commercial of McDonald’s at the age of 12. Ines is an amazing Spanish beauty. She gave a superb performance in the movie”El Dorada”. She modeled for Tresor by Lancome in 1996.

01 Penelope Cruz


Penelope Cruz Sanchez, also known as Penelope Cruz is a world-renowned actress belonging to Alcobendas, Ispanija, Spain. This 39-year old lady is tall, has silk tanned skin, pretty thick eyebrows and several other contrasting features that embody a star. Due to her coordination, zeal for success and immense beauty, Penelope signed her 1st contract at a small age of 15 and started giving TV appearances at the age of 16. Penelope has starred in several movies and TV series both in the United States and Spain, prime ones being the Girl of your Dreams”, “Pirates of the Caribbean”, Woman on Top” and “The Hi-Lo Country”. In the appreciation of her talent and acting skills, she has received many awards.

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